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About us
The Publishing House was founded in 1998 as a private enterprise of the OOO “NOTA BENE Publishing Group”. Its only founder and manager at the time was Danilenko Vasiliy Ivanovich. Later on the Publishing House was renamed into OOO “NB-MEDIA”, and from 2011 on its co-founder is son of V.I. Danilenko – Danilenko Denis Vasilievich.
At first the Publishing House specialized in publishing books, and since 2000 it has been publishing only one scientific journal “Law and Politics”.
Since about 2004 the Publishing House has changed its business strategy and it started to issue more of the new scientific journals and less books.
The timeline is the following:
2000 – the “Law and Politics” journal was first issued;
2004 - two more journals “Taxes and Taxation” and “Politics and Society” were first issued;
2005 – a first issue of the popular scientific monthly journal “Historical Journal” (later trademarked as “History Illustrated”) was published;
2008 – the journals “Philosophy and Culture”, “Administrative and Municipal Law”, “Psychology and Psychotechnics” were first issued;
2009 – the journal “National Security/nota bene” was started;
(At the same time the OOO “NB-Media” became a publisher and distributor of the “Journal of Foreign Legislation and Comparative Law” which belonged to the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation and was previously published since 2005 by a different publishing house.)
2010 – the journal “International Law and International Organizations” was first issued;
2011 – the journals “History Magazine: Researches”, “Culture and Art”, “Philology: Scientific Researches”, “Pedagogy and Education”; “Police Activity” were first issued.
2012 – the printed journals “International Relations” and “Software Systems and Computational Methods” were first issued;
In the same year the new website www.e-notabene.ru and a number of web-publishing journals were launched, as follows:
“NB: Cybernetics and Programming”;
“NB: Matters of Law and Politics”;
“NB: Issues of Society and Politics”;
“NB: Pedagogy and Education”;
“NB: Philosophy Researchers”;
“NB: Psychology and Psychotechnics”;
“NB: Cultures and Arts”;
“NB: National Security”;
“NB: Historical Researches”;
“NB: International Law”;
“NB: Administrative Law and Administration Practice”;
“NB: Philology Researches”;
“NB: Russian Police Law”;
“NB: International Relations”;
“NB: Economics, trends and management”.
Later all of these journals were presented in the App Store.
The following new printed journals were started:
“Trends and Management”;
“Urban Studies and Property Market” (third party founder);
“Financial law and Management”
And also a number of foreign publications in English:
«PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal» (printed and web-publishing editions)
«SENTENTIA. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences» (printed and web-publishing editions), which are fully open-access journals.
Web-publishing journals:
“NB: Financial Law and Management”;
“Urban Studies”;
«PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal»;
«SENTENTIA. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences»;
The Journals of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (Academy) “Lex Russica” (previously published since 2004 as a quarterly journal (currently a monthly journal); and “Actual Problems of Russian Law (previously published since 2007 every two months (currently a monthly journal) are now published with the NOTA BENE trademark.